I am so excited to share my FIRST music video with you guys! This song is one of my favorite songs of all time and the fact that I finally get to share it with any and all humans is pretty flipping awesome.  I just wanted to tell you a little bit about how we recorded the song and video. It started in Missoula Montana at Monks. We were playing a live show and recording the band so we could use the tracks later. Well it turns out only the drums got recorded that night so the drums you hear are the actual live drums played by Tripp Beam at Monks. When we got back to LA we had the rest of the band come back in and record their parts to Tripp’s drum track and I re-sang the vocals. Once we had the track finalized I sat on it for a while thinking about how I would get this track out there to the public. I decided I wanted to make my first music video to the track and so the planning began. We reached out to Thomas at ndigena who was a part of my first tour in Montana in 2014. He was in for the win and we decided to shoot at First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park in Great Falls . We got the crew together (see my previous post about the crew) and started planning. Thomas mentioned “Golden Hour” and of course I’m like “golden hour” sounds lovely! But it wasn’t. I didn’t know golden hour meant 5am…and I strongly disagree with waking up early!! Joy to the world. But the team was motivated and so we all got our sorry butts out of bed every morning at 4am to get the camera’s ready and the make up on our faces. Turns out that golden hour is also freezing and anyone that knows me knows I also strongly disagree with being cold as well. So basically I am saying I am a big baby. BUT it all worked out amazingly well because we got the most beautiful shots I could have imagined. Ashley Hagler, the beautiful dancer, was an American Gladiator with her moves and grace as well. She did everything in BARE FEET…and I didn’t know Montana had cactus but she found that out real quick and just powered through it.  Ndigena got so many beautiful shots I wish we could have a whole second video!  So after 3 days of shooting the morning and evening golden hours we packed up and went home to Missoula. Now here we are a few months later with this beautiful product to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy it and share it with everyone you know! Also….if you got to the end of this I give you a gold star because this was a long post.