This is one of the songs off my new EP coming out in January.  – SPOILER ALERT! – IF YOU LIKE INTERPRETING SONGS IN YOUR OWN WAY DO NOT READ PAST THIS EPIC BOLD STATEMENT. The lyrics to this song are my favorite part….”Headlights coming towards me, I still try avoiding all the things that make it hard to let it go. Rain drops continue falling, far off I hear you calling but I just want to be alone.” These first lines are about having something so apparent staring at you in the face and you know things didn’t turn out how you thought they would, but the decision is so incredibly hard that you don’t want to make it. Sometimes when that happens to me I have to be alone to get the strength to do what I need to do. THEN….in case you want to continue reading my mind… “I don’t know where we went wrong. Feeling my heart turning to stone, and I’m alone. Galaxies in the night. I watched our hearts collide, and if it’s all the same, you’re not the only one in pain.”  This is kind of a mixture of feelings…like all feelings. And I am realizing just now in this moment it’s very hard to explain in normal writing what I feel and say in a song….it’s like two different languages to me! SO those lines are sort of a combination of resentment and understanding….like ‘ what we had was so intense it killed us.’   Verse two, “My words cut through you, you know I didn’t mean to hurt you…don’t you, don’t you? I breath out just as you breathe in. Tell me, Why do I feel like you always were pretending” – This is like the realization that maybe neither of us truly knew the other person and that we clearly were not in sync and maybe never were. Often times we get into situations blindly and still stay blind while we are in them, possibly choosing how we want to see someone or something rather then really looking for who they truly are.  SO BASICALLY it’s about being in a relationship or situation where you know you gotta get out of it but the people or person on the other side don’t feel the same or just doesn’t think they had any part in what got you to the point of making the choice you’ve made.  “I/you didn’t see it coming. You watch me as I’m running away. You tell me all the things I wasn’t but you need to know I’m not the only one to blame.” It’s a interchangeable lyric because “I” could have never of guessed shit would hit the fan so hard – and “you” didn’t even realize the shit was hitting the fan. I guess you could say the song is about love turned into resentment, which really just always sucks.  But, ENJOY!