ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO 2015 Feature Image

I just finished an awesome weekend in Los Angeles at the ASCAP EXPO and I have got to say…it was an epic artsy music shit show. SO many songwriters, artists, producers and engineers all in the same room with the same dream. It was inspiring to listen to people like Savan Kotecha, Bill Withers, Victoria Monet, Kirby Lauryen and Aloe Black talk about how their success came about and how each are and generation of success was achieved so differently. It was amazing to see how fast the music business has changed.   Out of all the panels though, the most interesting was the one where congressmen Doug Collins and Hakeem Jeffries sat along side Aloe Black to inform us about how they are taking action create equal compensation for songwriters and music creators. A lot of people do not know songwriting is even a career! That being said, there is a link I am posting below for you to go to to help get songwriters the pay we deserve. I think it’s pretty awesome we have to guys in congress working their butts off on the Songwriter Equity Act to make this happen. The more people that voice an opinion the more we will be heard….duh! So go to the link and take a couple seconds to help us out =).

You guys rock!