I’ve been in Los Angeles for about 8 months now and have already had the pleasure of playing at quite a few well known music venues in town, but this one takes the cake by far! Republic of Pie on Magnolia in North Hollywood is the place to be. They have awesome food & drinks and of course they have delicious pie and give you pieces as big as your face!  Which I had no problem inhaling after my set. In addition to them already being awesome they have live music EVERY NIGHT from 6-10 and the woman that runs the show, Sophie, is absolutely amazing. So nice, so chill and super organized.  Oh, and you receive a free drink and food item of your choosing AND you can use the tickets on another day if you’re one of those strange people that doesn’t feel like eating a small grocery store after singing your heart out. OH, again something awesome…it never ends, they encourage you to have a tip jar, sell CD’s, merch, whatever! So there you have it. I could go on about how cute the decor is, how they have various fruit infused water, how relaxed the environment is, how nice everyone is that works there….ya know…all that other stuff, but I’ll let you go see for your self!  So, if you are ever in that area and are wondering what to do, check out Republic of Pie for an evening hang. You will leave in a better mood no matter your state. =)