Montana Ready Feature Image

On May 15th I will be on my way to Montana with my amazing friend and band mate, Wesley Switzer. All I’ve been hearing about for the past 3 months is “I love fly fishing,” “I can’t wait to go fly fishing,” and “Where are we going fly fishing.”  I didn’t think he was that serious about the sport because we live in Los Angeles and let’s be real, the fly fishing on the LA river is probably not prime. So I thought his obsession was more of a, “I want to be like Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It,” kind of fantasy. But then I saw it, the fly fishing rod, the waiters, the flies, the whole shebang! Wes is most definitely an avid (in his heart at least) fly fisher.

So clearly that is the main reason he has obligated himself to my Montana tour, But in addition to that he has also obligated him self to being a fantastic band manager and music coordinator. Together we have created an awesome show full of lots of originals and covers for the tour, and I am very excited to greet the rest of my band members, Elliot Schwartzman, Tripp Beam and Will Wu, to Montana on the 17th. Our first show is on the 18th at Casey’s in Whitefish with Dixie Riddle opening and we will be working our way to Missoula, Butte, Bozeman and then up to Canada. I am beyond words of excitement for this and can’t wait to tour my home state for the first time. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and seeing old friends and acquaintances, doing push ups on stage, showing off my originals and telling people what they are about and so much more. I didn’t think it would come up on us this fast but we have all been working so hard to put it together the time has just flown by. I especially need to throw a shout-out to my super mom, Nathan Stephens and Sara Kauk who have been really truly putting their hearts into the preparation of this tour. If you see them when you come to a show please buy them a drink or give them a giant hug. If it weren’t for them I would be sleeping on venue floors and eating scraps off left over plates!

On that note, I can’t hardly wait to get to Montana and party with everyone at the shows. I have a wireless mic for a reason so I’ll be takin shots at the bar while hittin’ them high notes.

See you soon!