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Milestone Studios

Man this week has been great! Working at Milestone Studios with Wesley Switzer, Elliot Schwartzman, Adam Tressler and Tripp Beam on these new tracks has been awesome. What’s amazing to me is how someone like me can “write a song” but then once you put a bunch of brilliant people in a room it turns into the most beautiful bad ass piece of art. I absolutely love being able to come up with a platform and then have all these smarty pants come in and transform it into what you hear on a CD. ¬†One of the most important things about music, to me, is its ability to bring people together. That’s why I love the songwriting part. I’m not the best piano player, my guitar skills leave much to be desired and I wont even mention drums or bass…but if I can create an idea for people to come together and work on, than I have done what I love. I’m so so sooo grateful to be having these opportunities.